Fast, Stable, and Always Avaliable
Andrye rocks a 99% uptime across a 1 week statistic run with never less than 400 ms in response time. Andrye's updates are instantly up and running to be used.
More Customization, Less Ordinary
With our customization panel, you can change the colors and backgrounds of embeds and welcome images from 1 website. With this, Andrye becomes less of a boring bot that uses the same things across servers.
Logs, Logs, and More Logs
Want to know everything in your server that's happening? You can! Andrye can log all the functions that are able to be logged. Don't need all that information from your members, you can turn some of it off also. You can even choose the channel where it's sent to.
Your Data, Your Privacy
We don't share any of your data... ever (we have no reason to). Your data is never shared with anyone or any company. We store your data securely about server members and your server for the basic Andrye functions, like settings and moderations. View the Your Data Site.